The Neon Collection – Summer All Year!

A child of the 80’s and lover of everything bright, imagine my excitement when neon burst onto the fashion scene! On trend, and oh so cute, the Neon Collection is the perfect way to make summer last all year.

The collection features our signature chevron bag, with a pop of dayglo color, available in neon yellow, pink and orange. The new colorways extend to our Bridesmaid Collection, available in a combination of choices. 

Check out the Geometric Top Stripe and Triangle Bags for a modern twist on your favorite neon colors! Fluorescent shapes paired with neutral backgrounds available in gray, sand or a combination.

Available in every size, these bags can be made to fit any MacBook, Computer, iPad, Tablet, iPad Mini, Nook, Kindle, eReader or any brand electronic. Customization is always available through Etsy or by email at


Tech Bags


A brand new feature of this collection is the addition of a back zipper pocket for accessories! The coordinating neon zippers brings the same pop of color to the back side, while making this travel bag even more functional.

Bridesmaid Collection




Geometric Bridesmaid Sets




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Memorial Weekend Sale!

Memorial Weekend Sale!

20% off the entire site, including sale and clearance! The event is on now. AlmquistDesignStudio on Etsy.

Coordinating Cases.

Have more than one gadget that needs a travel case? If you are like me, you probably have a laptop, tablet or iPad, iPad Mini and a smartphone {sheez, so many gadgets}! These devices are made to sync and compliment each other, why not bring that concept to your travel bag? At AlmquistDesignStudio we have!

Introducing the Coordinating Collection made to fit your laptop or MacBook, a tablet/iPad or Mini, and an extra case for accessories! As always, I take custom orders and can make a coordinating collection in any color or style, message me for details at or through Etsy. 


Coordinating Cases in Gray Chevron with a Hot Pink Bow


Coordinating Cases in Gray Chevron

The Turquoise Collection at AlmquistDesignStudio on Etsy


iPad Case


iPad Mini Case


MacBook Sleeve


MacBook Case and Matching Cometic Case (Sold Separately)


iPad Sleeve

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