Hello Blog World!

Welcome to my little studio space! Blending fashion and technology by creating stylish iPad, Tablet, eReader cases and more! Check out my shop on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/AlmquistDesignStudio

Growing up in a family of computer engineers and technology nerds, I had no choice but to end up with an interest in gadgets and the tech world. The problem is I also have a love for fashion, but the two do not seem to mix…just yet!

I received my tablet last Christmas and immediately went online to find a fun and fashionable case to house my new toy, but unfortunately came up short on my search. I stumbled onto Etsy and found an array of choices and sellers, but was unable to find a case that I liked. Almquist Design Studio was born! My goal is to create fashionable, affordable technology cases that house our nifty little electronics that we haul around day to day.

Check out the images from our first photo shoot, and check back for new designs and styles to be added weekly!


Gray & White Chevron with Flower


Gray & Teal Flower with Jewels


Linen Hot Pink Printed Heart


Minty Fresh Clutch Purse


Linen Neon Chevron


Purple & White Stripes with Jewel Flower


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